What to read

Ever since embarking upon my journey of personal development, Yoga and spirituality, I have been determined to approach life with a “beginners mind-set”. This mind-set gives me the determination I need to read, research and educate myself everyday, with no attachment to an end result, (that being becoming an expert), but instead being in a constant state of learning.

As a result I was recently advised by my Mother dearest to read "The Divine Matrix – Bridging time, space, miracles and belief", by Gregg Braden. It has blown me away, so much so that I wanted to share a few words about it to encourage those who are as weird as me, to have a read of it too. I am certainly not an expert on the book, and can't quite get my tongue around exactly how to explain it, but I'd like to share what I can explain in the hope that it tickles the pickle of some of my friends and followers.

The author Braden, presents to his audience a series of scientific experiments and laws of physics to help reveal evidence of a “web of energy” that connects everything in our world. Braden suggests that everything in this Universe is made up of a pure energy — a 'Quantum Field' — that has not yet been defined, but is neither air nor ether. He implies this field is where everything begins, or began (together as one) and that we are still all linked via this “quantum field” despite not being physically connected.

Braden states that “once something is joined, it is always connected, whether it remains physically linked or not” (2007, p.208). He states “we live during a time in history when it’s so easy to think of the world in terms of “them” and us” and wonder how bad things can happen to good people. If there is in fact a single field of energy that connects everything in our world, and if the Divine Matrix works the way the evidence suggests, then there can be no them and us, only we” (2001, p.63). How differently would we all act if what we directed to others also reflected back onto us, nothing would be separate, nothing would be excluded. 

In order to take advantage of the force of this “matrix” or “web of energy” Braden teaches his audience how it works and how to speak in a language that it recognises. Through the language of emotion, Braden suggests that we have the ability to make changes to the force that links all of creation. For example, Braden explores how modern science has discovered that "through each emotion we experience in our bodies, we also undergo chemical changes of things such as pH levels and hormones that mirror our feelings" (Bradden, 2007, p.xvi). Which makes me super excited! He states, "through our emotions be they positive or negative we each possess the power to affirm or deny our existence every moment of our lives" (Braden, 2007, p.xvi). This book uses recent scientific discoveries and dramatic evidence to not necessarily PROVE but to offer forward the theory that “The Divine Matrix” may well be the missing link in our understanding of our universe.The book teaches us to learn how to engage with it to achieve your goals whether they are personal, business related or even on a global scale.

Without sounding too cray-cray, I think what I love most about this book is that Braden bridges the gap between the “woo-woo” ancient spiritual beliefs and science and physics.

If this stuff gets you excited, then have a read.

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